Rent The Canon EOS C100-4k Cinema Today Lens & Lights Included


The Canon C100 Cinema Camera with Auto Focus Upgrade supports all of the same benefits of the original C100, which included reduced rolling shutter, high dynamic range, and full manual control but now also has a boosted ISO of up to 80,000, Dual Pixel CMOS AF to supplement contrast AF for faster focusing, and on-camera buttons to control in-camera menus (previously dependent on a removable joystick). The upgrade provides a new continuous AF function for autofocus lenses. The new AF Lock setting also lets you change the image framing while holding the desired focus. These new focusing capabilities are designed to help reduce out-of-focus video while providing smooth focus transitions. The C100 is modular, compatible with almost all Canon products and accessories, and supports EF-mount cinema lenses in addition to non-cinema EF lenses. With the new upgrade, this C100 now accommodates Canon STM lenses. With a built-in microphone you can shoot video with this camera in a similar fashion as a traditional DSLR but with the option of using an array of features typically found in professional cinema cameras, including several ports for peripherals. The C100 is optimized for run-and-gun style shooting that is suited for documentarians, journalists, wedding shooters, and independent filmmakers with small crews.

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• Sensor: 9.84MP Super 35mm CMOS
• Recording Format: AVCHD
• Video: 1080p HD
• ISO Range: 320-80,000
• Dual CMOS Continuous AF
• Ports: ⅛ Headphone, ⅛ Microphone, ⅛ Headphone, (2) XLR, HDMI A, USB Mini-B, Hot Shoe
• Frame Rate: 60i, 30p, 24p
• Lens Compatibility: EF
• Memory: Dual SDHC/SDXC Slots (Cards Not Included)
• Built-In ND Filters
• 3.5″ LCD, EVF, and 1.23MP Articulating Monitor
• Weight: 3 lb


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